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Fences, retaining walls, trellises, paths and arbours are often referred to as the “bones” of the landscape.  Like walls in a house, they give shape to an outdoor space.
Stones make good building blocks for many creative projects.  If you long for the restful effect of flowing water but don’t want to add a living stream or pond, you can use stones to make a dry creek bed.
The addition of a feature boulder can offer a restful place to sit or provide a solid focal point before moving on to the next area of the garden.


Plants are a natural part of any outdoor living space.  With a bit of strategic planning,  plants can be used to create atmosphere, change the conditions of an outdoor setting, provide privacy screening or enhance specific views.
We specifically select plant species with similar sun and water requirements, carefully mapping out planting areas that will allow each plant to thrive.
By placing these plants near each other we can greatly reduce general maintenance and watering tasks.


Over-watering grass is the largest source of outdoor water waste. The installation and maintenance of an efficient irrigation system that uses the best available technology can help you save water and money while maintaining your landscape.
A professionally designed and installed irrigation system is more efficient than any other form of watering because it puts the exact amount of water where it is needed. No more watering sidewalks or dry brown patches on your lawn.



toysConstruction2CONSTRUCTION SERVICES:                                         

  • Exterior Landscape Design
  • Paving Stone Driveways & Paths
  • Landscape Lighting & Design
  • Outdoor Living Space
  • Planting & Softscape Design
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Living Rooms
  • Gas & Propane Fire Features
  • Outdoor Furnishings
  • Ponds, Waterfeatures, Fountains
  • Pergolas And Trellises
  • Custom Shade Structures
  • Manageable Water Features
  • Irrigation Installations